Hauch Design is an architecture and design studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, working to create places that support creativity, community, and the environment. We focus on energy and space efficient design, simple and sustainably-sourced materials, and natural light to meet the goals of each project. Collaboration is key as we work together to realize these goals. 

Three concepts guide the practice:

- Modern Vernacular - There are two aspects to any place: the cultural environment and the natural environment. North Carolina has a unique tradition of architecture that responds to both. We have some of the finest examples of modern design in the country, thanks to the pioneering efforts of the design school at NC State. We also have some of the richest traditions of vernacular building. Generations of carolinians have known the value of deep overhangs, sloped roofs, indirect light, narrow floor plans, and high ceilings. Architecture can be of its time, while satisfying the practical lessons of the vernacular. 

- Community Design - The buildings and environments we create should have community-consciousness, whether it is at the family, neighborhood, or city level. We are social creatures, happiest when we know who we are, where we come from, and have strong relationships with those around us. Community focused design will flow with the established patterns of a healthy society.

- Integrative Design - Just as the human body is a whole system of connected parts, so too is our environment with its ecological web of relationships. By understanding the ecology of the site and how it relates regionally, we can work to be a regenerative force on the land. The building itself is conceived as a system within a system, with all parts integrated and working together towards energy efficiency, and even sustainability. This can happen when the owner, design teams and builders are involved early, collaborating towards a common goal.

Supplemental to the practice is the design and fabrication of furniture and other custom objects. This provides an opportunity to craft pieces that fit the needs of a space functionally and aesthetically. The process is always unique, educational, and fun; and presents solutions that could not be found without a hands-on approach.







Jeremy Hauch RA LEED AP
North Carolina Lic. # 13054
Massachusetts Lic. # 50720
NC Firm Lic. # 53010